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Call 361-236-4555

Gate Guard Security Services

  • Specializing in on-site, remote-location security services
  • Fully customized operation for your project and location
  • On call availability - ready to deploy at a moment's notice
  • 20 years of on-location security experience

Who We Work With

  • Construction Zones
  • Oil & Gas Development
  • Ranches
  • Rail Hubs
  • Renewable Energy
  • Banks
  • Mines
  • Power line Construction
  • Road Construction
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We are always looking for security personnel for our on-site projects and office staff. Some of our current opportunities include:

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If you are hard-working, self-motivated, and interested in joining a fun team in an exciting position, check out all of our employment opportunities and apply today.

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Security for Landowners – Securing Your Site

Matthew Lloyd / Bloomberg

In October 2013, Greenpeace started a campaign encouraging U.K. landowners to use trespass laws to block exploration of potential sites for fracking. According to Bloomberg News, "The group says drilling horizontally under people’s land -- a


Gate Guard Service: Standby Ready

J&G Security has been providing the highest quality gate guard service for energy companies large and small since 1995. With our licensed and insured multi-site security service, we offer uninterrupted, 24-hour multiple gate entry access control. We apply professional enforcement of site-s


Oil and Gas Industry Minimally Affected by Government Shutdown

Bureau of Land Management logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So the federal government is “shut down” – at least temporarily, as of this Tuesday morning writing – and several folks have inquired about what, if any, imp


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